By Susie Isaacs

Secrets and techniques and techniques from a back-to-back international sequence of Poker girls championship winner.

summary: secrets and techniques and techniques from a back-to-back international sequence of Poker women championship winner

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See overpair. Wheel: 5, 4, 3, 2, A. A baby straight. Also known as a bicycle. Win Rate: The amount of money you can or should win in relation to the amount of money you invest. Wraparound Hand: A hand that can make a straight from either end. Example: K-Q-J-10 can make a straight with a 9 or with an ace. WSOP: World Series of Poker. 22 1000 BEST POKER STRATEGIES AND SECRETS 1. Limit Texas Hold’em Although no-limit Texas hold’em is growing enormously in popularity (due largely to televised competition), one must have a full understanding of the game of limit hold’em before moving into the arena of no-limit.

The shorter your stack, the lower your starting hand requirements. 68. Try not to blind yourself out of a tournament. If your cards are cold and you just can’t seem to pick up a decent starting hand, wait for the right time and try to have enough money in late position to raise the pot. Choose a time when no one has entered the pot and raise with almost any two cards, suited is better or connected (8-7 or 10-6 of the same suit and so forth). 69. Do not limp in a pot with a short stack. If you go down, go down swinging!

GLOSSARY 19 Slow-Play: To deliberately check or call with the best hand in hopes of winning more money in the later rounds of betting. Showing no strength while holding a strong hand. Smooth Call: To call rather than raise an opponent’s bet. Split Pair: A pair with one card up and one card down in seven-card games. Steal: To aggressively bet with the worst hand with the intention of causing your opponent to fold what is probably the best hand so you can win the pot. To steal a pot is another term for bluffing.

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