By Richard Wiseman

What could you do if anyone guess you they can stability a coin at the fringe of a banknote, stroll via a postcard, or make you progress your limbs during the strength of advice? may you are taking that bet?

From Richard Wiseman, the writer of the 350-million-view YouTube phenomenon, Quirkology, comes an exhilarating mixture of lateral considering, magic methods and scintillating technology stunts that's guaranteed to entice curious minds everywhere.

Using merely your physique and daily family items, one hundred and one Bets you'll always Win is either a realistic consultant and illuminating exploration of the interesting technology that underpins those possible very unlikely challenges.

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Now challenge your friend to move just three of the matches and make the fish swim in the opposite direction. To win the bet, just move this match. And this one. And finally move this match. Now the fish is swimming to the right! EQUATION TIME Arrange seven matches to make this equation. Now challenge your friend to move just one match and make the equation correct. To win the bet, move this match and now everything is fine because the square root of one is one! THE HISTORY OF THE MATCH, PART THREE: FROM URINE TO EUREKA In 1669, the German alchemist Hennig Brand was busy trying to transform lead into gold by boiling down urine and then heating up the residues.

Finally, tell them that they have to break the matchstick simply by pushing down on it with their first and third fingers. It sounds simple and so they will accept the challenge. However, they won’t be able to break the matchstick and you’ll win the bet! If you push the matchstick further down their middle finger, and have them bend the tops of their first and third fingers, they will easily be able to break the matchstick. Why? Because you are using your friend’s fingers as levers. The key to any good lever is the distance between the object that you want to lift (or, in this case, break) and the point on which the lever tips (known as the ‘fulcrum’).

The other half-straw will drop forward onto the straw that you are holding. Finally, lock the half-straw that has just fallen forward under the point of the ‘V’ of the folded straw, and you can pick everything up. The oldest known drinking straw dates back to 3,000 BC and was discovered in a Sumerian tomb. It consisted of a gold tube inlaid with precious blue stones. THE IMPOSSIBLE TRIANGLE Arrange ten coins into a triangle like this. Now ask your friend to reverse the direction of the triangle by moving just three of the coins.

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