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Acknowledgements The authors gratefully acknowledge the financial support from Middle-age and Young Academic Leader and Cultivating Talent of Science Search Foundation of Yunnan Province (No. 2012HB008). References [1] Yang Bing, "Manufacturer of Ti Al based alloy through elemental powder process" Powder metallurgy technology, 17,(4),(1999), 286-289. , Inc, 1973) 455-466. [3] Qin Wenfeng, Peng Jinhui, Fan Xian, et al. "A new process of preparation of high-pure molybdenum trioxide by microwave calcining ammonium molybdate" New Technology & New Process, 2004, no (4), 42-44.

44 4th International Symposium on High-Temperature Metallurgical Processing Edited by: Tao Jiang, Jiann-YangHwang, Phillip J. V. Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK) Open Joint Stock Company 93 Kirova St, Magnitogorsk 455002, Russia Ti-V magnetite, Rotary Hearth Furnace, ITmk3, Iron Nugget Abstract Ti-V magnetite is one of the most abundant composite ore resources in the world. This ore cannot be fully processed via blast furnace technology because of high content of TiCh. According to the investigations carried out in the USA and Japan ITmk3 RHF (Rotary Hearth Furnace) technology is a breakthrough in Ironmaking.

It can be over 95% under the conditions of reduction temperature 1150°C, reduction time 3h, and aluminum excess 20%. The reduction residue mainly contains CaO-AI2O3, 12CaO-7Al 2 0 3 and unreacted L1AIO2. (2) The reduction residue was leached with a mixture of sodium carbonate and sodium hydroxide. The alumina transformed soluble sodium aluminate entering into the leaching solution. The alumina leaching rate is over 80%. 1 can be obtained after carbonation precipitation of the sodium aluminate solution.

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