By Dr. John Hart

Answers for your questions about Heaven

We all need to know what occurs once we die. do we visit heaven? what's going to we do there? do we see our family?
It seems the Bible is full of solutions in your most crucial questions, explaining what heaven feels like, who should be there, and the way to get there within the first position. during this e-book you will discover transparent reasons of those passages, supplying you with a decent and lovely photograph of our everlasting domestic. locate convenience and peace within the fact approximately heaven.

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Population believe in the reality of heaven. This is true of polls taken in Canada and England as well. Heaven is very well-liked. It is universally thought to be a place of great happiness, with freedom from pain and sorrow. So who wouldn’t want to believe in heaven? Our ideas of heaven are drawn from many different sources. Perhaps our ideas are taken from what others have said or from a book we have read. People may have thoughts about heaven influenced by TV and the Internet. The TV show Touched by an Angel, which ran from 1994–2003, gave us glimpses of how some thought angels from heaven interact with our lives.

He didn’t preach the gospel to them. ” It’s best not to create definitive viewpoints based on a single problematic Bible verse. ” Here, the simplest understanding is that Peter is referring to Christians who are now dead physically but had received the gospel before death. In the rest of the Bible, there is certainly no clear suggestion that hope is held out for a second chance. Hebrews 9:27 sets in close sequence our death and our final judgment. “Everyone must die once, and after that be judged by God” (TEV).

Will there be any sin in heaven? 88 32. Will we eat and drink in heaven? 90 33. What does the Bible say about hell? 93 34. What do the words Sheol and Hades refer to? 96 35. Are the stories true about people going to heaven and returning? Are the stories of near-death experiences true? Have people come back from heaven? 98 36. Don’t other religions have a similar teaching to the Bible’s teaching about heaven? 100 37. Is anyone just annihilated at death? 103 38. Is there such a thing as soul sleep?

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