By Carsten Strathausen, William E. Connolly

Rich with analyses of innovations from deconstruction, platforms thought, and post-Marxism, with reviews of fundamentalist concept and the conflict on terror, this quantity argues for constructing a philosophy of being so that it will triumph over the crisis of postmodern relativism. Undergirding the contributions are the premises that ontology is an important thought for philosophy at the present time, that a suitable leftist ontology needs to stay away from the type of identification politics that has ruled fresh cultural stories, and new ontology needs to be positioned inside of international capitalism. A Leftist Ontology bargains a well timed intervention in political philosophy, that includes the various best voices of our time.

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Maybe some things Freud said about memory traces are relevant here. At any rate, to the extent that such work is accomplished, the ontological problematic has been changed to some degree as it has been rendered more conscious. A sensibility is composed of a dense network of thought-imbued affects, with the thought element finding different levels of refinement and the affective element different degrees of intensity. Jokes, as Freud knew, often tap into tacit ideas or unconscious fragments that have not previously been articulated; and what is a joke to some believers is often blasphemy to others.

Mouffe's radical democratic position coincides with the premises of a leftist ontology outlined above. "46 Ernesto Laclau differs from Mouffe on this point. "47 Why? 48 Laclau's argument-namely that the ethical imperative to cultivate openness "does not follow" logically from the impossibility of social closure is correct. Logically speaking, Mouffe's ethical denunciation of political acts that seek to establish social closure falls prey to the same critique she herself levels against liberals such as Habermas and Rawls.

28 Still an advocate of post-Marxism in 1994, Zizek described this "undecidable alternative Inside/ Outside" as a "paradoxical topology" in which surfaces absorb depth and ideology becomes "more real that reality itself"29 The task at hand, then, is not simply to draw up new and different boundaries of the sociopolitical field. Rather, we must try to rethink the very notions of boundaries or limits as such and examine the political repercussions of this effort. Is it possible to conceive of the political in such a way as to absorb or internalize its constitutive outside?

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