By Libby Purves

This vigorous choice brings jointly journalist and broadcaster Libby Purves’ reviews as journalist, father or mother, governor and previous student of part a dozen various faculties from Bangkok to Tunbridge Wells, exhibiting her eclectic and provocative evaluations and concepts on educating and studying. This selection of the simplest of her writing within the instances academic complement covers - occasionally thoughtfully, occasionally satirically - every little thing from nationwide coverage to the oddities of headteachers and the constraints of IT. schooling pros through the years have got her outsider view with enthusiasm, laughter, thought and coffee fury. From ministerial insanity to the pitfalls of uniform and the vagaries of kids, this ebook is devoted to the enjoyment of a cadre of execs Libby as soon as deliberate to hitch, till she misplaced her nerve. it truly is committed, with thank you and admiration, to all academics.

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I am sure that Mr Woodhead is entirely prepared for the fact that from now on, none of the teachers, heads, inspectors or parents who once stood in awe of him has to listen to a word he says. Unless the words themselves, unbacked by position or politics, truly strike home to the heart. Apple for the teacher, bananas for the head 35 NOVEMBER 4 2005 A new regime In the United States last week Wal-Mart, parent company of Asda, was leaked as hatching a diabolically cunning scheme. It is, the reports said, trying to dissuade far employees from applying to the chain by ensuring that every job contains some physical aspects.

Frankly, as someone who drives past their cycle lane once or twice a week, I can see why. Sometimes, indeed, I can see everything. And so can the guy in the BMW in front of me, judging by the way he is weaving dazedly across the road as the Kesgrave Lolitas wiggle by. Anyway, head and governors got so fed up with the pelmetskirts and with the tedious and time-wasting task of nagging girls and parents about them, that they have called the little minxes’ bluff. Do ya think I’m sexy? 47 They have decreed universal trousers.

Everyone had a good giggle, imagining the army drafted into double physics in between shovelling dead sheep and having breastenhancement surgery. And the National Union of Teachers said in its usual huffy manner that the idea is ‘misguided’. But I dunno. Deconstruct a teacher, and what do you find? There is a specialist professional, capable of planning lessons and under- 40 A Little Learning standing the psychology of learning; a bureaucrat who keeps immaculate records and can understand the weird language talked by exam boards (a bit like being a Parselmouth in Harry Potter, able to talk to snakes and slightly feared for it).

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