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This edition's exam assistance has lately been up to date for the 2015 IB consultant for HL choice 2, background of the Americas, subject 10: Emergence of the Americas in worldwide affairs 1880-1929 The well known IB degree historical past sequence, combining compelling narratives with educational rigor. An authoritative and fascinating narrative, with the widest number of assets at this point, supporting scholars to increase their wisdom and analytical talents. This moment version presents: - trustworthy, transparent and in-depth narrative from subject specialists - research of the historiography surrounding key debates - committed examination perform with version solutions and perform questions - TOK aid and historic research inquiries to aid with all facets of the degree

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Utopia in the Age of Globalization: Space, Representation, and the World-System

Even supposing usually linked to modernity or modernism, utopia has made a comeback within the age of globalization. simply because the discoveries of the hot international and the social upheavals of early smooth Europe encouraged Thomas More's Utopia and its many descendants, the bewildering technological shifts and fiscal uncertainties of the current period demand new techniques.

479th Fighter Group: Riddle's Raiders (Aviation Elite Units)

Shaped in October 1943, the 479th FG claimed a powerful historical past opposed to the Luftwaffe throughout the ultimate 12 months of the warfare. initially flying P-38s, the 479th's pilots had a fierce delight of hands. They earned a Presidential uncommon Unit quotation within the overdue summer time of 1944 and have been additionally credited with the USAAF's first German jet kill in July 1944.

Rostov in the Russian Civil War, 1917-1920: The Key to Victory (Cass Military Studies)

Those files have been accrued from the data in Rostov-on-Don, and this e-book makes them to be had for the 1st time in print. when you consider that changing into freely obtainable Soviet records have supplied a wealthy resource for figuring out the hopes, fears and strivings of the Russians through the maximum problem of their background.

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However, his successor, the Democrat Grover Cleveland, disapproved particularly of the unauthorized deployment of US marines to remove the Queen. His Secretary of State, Walter Q. Gresham, asserted that he would not ‘steal territory or annex a people without their consent’. Cleveland authorized an investigation into the Queen’s overthrow headed by Congressman James Henderson Blount; in July this reported that ‘United States diplomatic and military representatives had abused their authority’. Cleveland could not restore the Queen to power though and reluctantly recognized a republic under the lawyer Sanford Dole; the ensuing years saw further instability and rebellions while the question of annexation dragged on until President McKinley restored the Republicans to the White House in 1896.

Teller Amendment Amendment to the April 1898 resolution from Congress threatening war with Spain if it did not withdraw from Cuba. Introduced by Henry Teller, Democrat Senator for Colorado, it asserted that the USA would not annex Cuba but would leave Cubans to decide their own future. This is not to suggest, however, that he was a warmonger. McKinley himself was of an age to remember the slaughter of the Civil War, in which he had participated with some distinction, and was reluctant to engage lightly in hostilities.

Like most of his nineteenth-century predecessors as president, he had no agenda for foreign affairs. His main electoral aim had been to facilitate recovery from the 1893 economic depression (see page 20). However, there seemed an impasse in the conflict. The rebels were fighting a guerrilla campaign that the Spaniards could not successfully address. Spain itself grew more intransigent. It had suffered decades of political instability and the new regime was insecure. Powerful interests such as the military supported the maintenance of the Spanish empire and would not accept Cuban independence.

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