By Declan Donnellan

“Acting is a reflex, a mechanism for improvement and survival. . . . It isn’t ‘second nature,’ it's ‘first nature.’”—Declan Donnellan
This immensely renowned and ever-practical publication on performing takes a scalpel to the guts of actors’ continual fears, aiding them to free up their expertise on degree. it truly is effortless and unpretentious, with a spirit of inventive and private freedom.

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Etc. As she begins to answer your question her eyes will probably look straight back at you. However, her eyes will stray as they try to picture the events of the previous day. But the eyes never lose their focus on something. Irina is either looking at you or at something else, the coffee that she drank. She is either looking at something real or something imaginary. But she is always looking at something. The conscious mind is always present with this ‘something’. While she digs for a memory: ‘I went to work, I wrote a letter’, her eyes still focus and refocus on points located outside.

But the two basic symptoms recur, namely paralysis and isolation – an inner locking and an outer locking. And, at worst, an overwhelming awareness of being alone, a creeping sense of being both responsible and powerless, unworthy and angry, too small, too big, too cautious, too . . me. When acting flows, it is alive, and so cannot be analysed; but problems in acting are connected to structure and control, and these can be isolated and disabled. Other sources of block Many different problems arise in rehearsal and performance that can damage acting.

This book only addresses that second part. All serious acting problems are interconnected, so interdependent that they seem to be just one huge rock cut into blinding facets by a demonic jeweller. To define the stone by describing its facets is misleading because each facet only makes sense in the context of all the others. Therefore much of what is said at the beginning of this book will make little sense till the end. A map This book is like a map. Like all maps, it is a lie, or rather, a lie trying to tell a useful story.

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