By Mark Dunn

From the award-winning and hugely acclaimed writer of Ella Minnow Pea comes Mark Dunn's such a lot bold novel to this point. American Decameron tells 100 tales, every one happening in a special 12 months of the 20 th century.

A woman in Galveston is born at the eve of an excellent typhoon and the sunrise of the 20 th century. Survivors of the Lusitania are by accident reunited within the North Atlantic. A member of the Bonus military locate himself head to head with common MacArthur. A failed author makes an attempt to finish his existence at the Golden Gate Bridge until eventually an unforeseen heroine involves his rescue, and at the doorstep of a brand new millennium, because the clock moves twelve, the level is decided for a beautiful denouement because the American century converges upon itself in a Greenwich nursing domestic, tying jointly the entire prior stories and the final 100 years.

Zany and affecting, deeply relocating and wildly hilarious, American Decameron is one America's strongest voices on the best its game.

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