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Home windows Workflow origin is a ground-breaking addition to the center of the .NET Framework with the intention to orchestrate human and process interactions as a sequence of workflows that may be simply mapped, analyzed, adjusted, and implemented.As enterprise difficulties develop into extra complicated, the necessity for a workflow-based answer hasn't ever been extra obvious. WF offers an easy and constant method to version and enforce complicated difficulties. As a developer, you specialise in constructing the company good judgment for person workflow initiatives. The runtime handles the execution of these projects once they were composed right into a workflow.Pro WF: home windows Workflow in .NET 3.0 will give you the talents you want to comprise WF on your functions. This publication will get you in control with home windows Workflow origin speedy and comprehensively. the sensible points of utilizing WF are coated in a full of life instructional sort with each one workflow inspiration illustrated in C#. This ebook additionally comprises specific insurance of the way to customise your workflows and entry them in various methods and occasions so that you can maximize some great benefits of this know-how.

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It contains a set of two or more IfElseBranchActivity instances. Each one represents a possible branch in a decision tree. The order of the branches is important since the first branch with a true condition is the one that is followed. The evaluation of branches starts with the leftmost branch. fm Page 17 Thursday, January 25, 2007 12:13 PM CHAPTER 1 ■ A QUICK TOUR OF WINDOWS WORKFLOW FOUNDATION As shown in Figure 1-7, the first two branches are already added for you. As you’ll soon see, you’re not limited to just those first two branches.

The same Workflow project templates are also available for Visual Basic if that’s your language of choice. fm Page 5 Thursday, January 25, 2007 12:13 PM CHAPTER 1 ■ A QUICK TOUR OF WINDOWS WORKFLOW FOUNDATION You should now enter a meaningful name for the project, such as HelloWorkflow, select a location, and press OK to create the new project. ■Note In the example shown in Figure 1-1, the project will be added to an existing solution named Chapter 01. An existing solution is used in order to neatly organize all of the examples for this book by chapter.

Fm Page 27 Thursday, January 25, 2007 12:13 PM CHAPTER 1 ■ A QUICK TOUR OF WINDOWS WORKFLOW FOUNDATION Figure 1-13. Workflow with disabled activity If you run the SimpleCalculator project now, what results should you expect? The activity that you disabled is the one that handled the addition operation (+). Therefore, if you try to add two numbers, you’ll receive the error dialog shown in Figure 1-14. Figure 1-14. Error dialog when activity is disabled Since the branch that checked for the addition operation is now disabled, the only branch that can execute is the rightmost branch that acts as a catchall.

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